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Delivered by experienced dog handler, Natalie Brookes, Binky’s Dog Training offers a series of training and walking services designed to address canine behaviour - transforming yours and your dog’s lives.
Lead pulling
Excessive barking
Poor recall
Demanding behaviour
Bad manners
Puppy development
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We offer a range of skilled services to enhance your dog’s behaviour and wellbeing.
1-2-1 private dog training session with Labrador dog

1-2-1 private dog training

Bespoke intensive training programmes

Bespoke intensive training programmes

Group of dogs on a pack walk

Pack walks (for training clients)

Dog walking shadowing

Shadowing days (for aspiring dog walking professionals)


Don't just take our word for it

Find out what our customers have to say about the service from Binky’s Dog Training.
Dog training with Lola the Golden Retriever
Lola | Golden Retriever
Lola’s owner Abigail Finney had this to say:

“Lola walks with Natalie twice a week and we’ve also been having private 1-2-1 training sessions to get on top of her recall. Natalie has helped make our walks SO much more enjoyable.“

"Previously I would get anxious and stress about Lola’s behaviour on walks but now with the help of Natalie and the weekly pack walks Lola is like a different dog. I couldn’t recommend Binky’s Dog Training enough. Natalie is AMAZING. Choosing Binky’s Dog Training is honestly the best decision I have ever made.”
Dog training with Teddy the Cavachon
Teddy | Cavachon
Teddy’s owner Katie Pothecary had this to say:

“I could not be more grateful to have found Binky’s. As a first time dog owner, Natalie’s support, knowledge and time has been invaluable to me. Natalie is so much more than a dog walker, being able to hand Teddy over to her care knowing he will always be safe, fulfilled and loved is just the best feeling.

"Her passion and dedication to dogs leading enriched and content lives is so clear to see, the walks are never just walks, every aspect is thought of and catered for. Natalie’s understanding of dogs is extensive, and she puts this in to practice constantly. I honestly couldn’t recommend Binky’s more highly."
Dog training with Beau the German Shorthaired Pointer
Beau | German Shorthaired Pointer
Beau’s owner Chris Gant had this to say:

‍“From the first initial meeting with Natalie I knew she was 100% right dog trainer for my very lively, counter-surfing, lead-pulling GermanShort-haired Pointer, Beau. Natalie worked intensively with Beau and he now hasexcellent recall, sit, down and heel skills. He is now a pleasure to take outon walks and his poor behaviours in the home have diminished.

“We have been complimented about Beau by other dog owners which has given us a huge confidence boost and this is all thanks to Natalie. I can’t thank her enough for her hard work and dedication to Beau. We highly recommend Binky’s Dog Training – it’s a dedicated and professional service and the best decision we ever made.”
Dog training with Bernie the Spaniel X Golden Retriever
Bernie | Spaniel X Golden Retriever
Bernie’s owner Hanna Prynne had this to say:

“I don't know what I'd do without Natalie! Bernie is alway to see her and he comes back exhausted and amazingly clean (thanks Natalie!) after his lovely country walks with all his dog friends.

“Natalie is so flexible and 100% reliable - she loves dogs and they love her. Watching the walks on Natalie's Instagram stories is literally the highlight of my day - seeing happy dogs bounding around and having a blast. I can't recommend her enough."
Dog training with Dora the Fox Terrier
Gino | Yorkshire Terrier X
Gino’s owner Liz Harris had this to say:

“Natalie was recommended by a friend who’d had great results herself. She set out what training would look like and how I would need to be open to change and adapt the way we did things in order to see results. Natalie equipped me with tools and advice in manageable chunks, which built my confidence and led Gino to trust me. It brought about a new bond between the two of us. 
“It was so uplifting to see Gino demonstrate the new skills he’d been taught by Natalie, and I started to feel like all the hard work was paying. Gino has come on so much and it’s all thanks to Natalie.  I honestly can’t imagine her not being in our lives now. Gino’s the dog we knew he could be thanks to you.”
Dog training with Teddy the Golden Doodle
Teddy | Golden Doodle
Teddy’s owner Asha Jones had this to say:

“We truly cannot thank Natalie enough for everything she does for Teddy. He's quite a complicated character who lacks confidence but she totally understands his needs and never pushes him too far. I can see how much Ted trusts Natalie and that means everything to us.

“Having recently moved house, the thought of finding someone new to walk Ted filled me with dread, so after having a chat with Natalie we made a new arrangement that suited us all, and for that I am so grateful. Ted always comes back happy, enriched & snoozy and I'm obsessed with watching the pack on Instagram stories. I couldn't recommend Natalie enough!"

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